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Find out the step-by-step process of what it’s like to work with me and learn more about how to get started!


Step 1: Determining if we’re a good fit

The first thing that we’ll usually do is hop on a fifteen minute call. During this call, we’ll chat about your child’s specific sleep challenges, how I can help, your goals and expectations, and your family dynamics. I’ll also ask if your child has any medical conditions that would affect the sleep training process. After our call, I’ll follow up with an email detailing what we discussed and your package options.


Step 2: Gathering Data

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to work with me (yay!) I’ll begin to collect a ton of information related to your child’s current sleep challenges and ask you to complete a sleep and feeding log for at least three days. I’m going to be asking you a lot of questions. Like seriously, Carly? Do you really want to know every little thing about my child’s schedule? Yup. This is because sleep challenges are like a puzzle. My goal is to gather the most comprehensive data possible in order to provide the best sleep plan for your child. Once I’ve gathered all the information I need, I’ll create your personalized sleep plan. 


Step 3: Training Call

This is the exciting part! We’ll get back on the phone to go over your plan. I’ll address all of your questions and concerns, and make sure you feel confident executing the method of sleep training we’ve decided on using. Being nervous is normal, but it’s important that you feel good about the plan. If you don’t feel confident, then you won’t see the changes that you’re looking for in your child’s sleep. I also talk about managing your expectations during this call and what to expect as you move through the plan.


Step 4: Support

Depending on what level of support you’ve chosen, I’ll be available to chat for up to two weeks after you’ve begun training. I’ll be your cheerleader, accountability coach, and answer any and all questions you may have. This process, like anything worthwhile, can be challenging for even the most experienced parents. Think of me as a personal trainer. But, instead of working on your fitness, we’re working on independent sleep for your baby. I’ll give you all the tools you need to be successful, but if you decide to only use some of the tools and not others, you won’t get the results you desire. On the flip side, if you follow my suggestions and communicate with me about what’s going on, you will see success!


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