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Those baby sleep books you have sitting on your shelf don't mean anything when you're trying to wrangle your overtired toddler at naptime. 

And the 30 articles that pop up when you ask Google "how to stop my baby from waking up an hour after bedtime?" 


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- erin b.

“ 10/10 would recommend Carly to anyone! Now we have a schedule that works for the whole family and are free of night wakings, hours-long bedtime routines, and thirty-minute naps. Our dude sleeps consistently and we have the tools and confidence to know what to do when our lives disrupt his typical sleep pattern.”

10/10 would recommend.

"What do I do when my baby wakes up when I try to transfer them to their crib?"

"How do I get my baby to nap for more than 30 minutes?"

"What do I do when my toddler climbs out of their crib?"

"I want my child to sleep better, but am not comfortable using cry-it-out. What should I do?"

What's included?

50 ON-DEMAND AUDIO solutions to your burning questions like... 

It's like having instant access to a sleep expert with the push of a button


- ellen 

Carly knows what to do in any situation, and she's been more than helpful when it came to our tricky mess of sleep training. We had tried multiple times before to sleep train our 11 month old, each time having failed (and it never failed with our first baby, so we were stumped!). He was waking every 2-3 hours, and my husband and I were exhausted.  She answered all of my questions and helped me keep my sanity on the hard days. I would recommend her hands down to anyone really struggling with sleep.

Helped me keep my sanity

naomi c.

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You must work with her!

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Great question! I'm so glad you asked. I'm a wife and mom to two tiny humans who both happily sleep 11-12 hours a night in their own beds and are expert nappers.

But... it didn't start out this way. When my oldest was a baby, naps felt impossible. I was frustrated and had no clue how to get the rest we both so desperately needed.

When my daughter was born, I knew I needed to be proactive in how I approached her sleep. I invested in a newborn course and the difference was incredible. 

Sleep is not a luxury. It's a basic human need. I've made it my mission to help caring, capable moms like you navigate their child's sleep so that they can stress less about sleep and enjoy parenthood more. 

Who is Carly and why should I trust her with my child's sleep?


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When you sign up for the playbook, you'll receive access to an audio playlist where you'll find each question with an 2-5 minute audio reply. Additionally, you'll get a pdf version of the playbook where you can easily look up your question by category. Audio responses are accessible via both the playlist and the pdf. 

How do I find the answer I need? 

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What if my question isn't listed?

The playbook was thoughtfully designed to answer the most common questions I'm asked everyday as a pediatric sleep consultant. That being said, if you're not able to find your question, please reach out and let me know! There will likely be additions made to this playbook based on your feedback. 

What makes this product different from all the others? 

This is the only baby and toddler sleep resource that answers specific questions in an easily digestible format and allows you to quickly get answers whether you're running errands, cooking dinner, or holding a fussy baby on your hip.

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