I need answers

“They’re finally here! Now what do we do?”

“Do I need to use a swaddle?”

“What even are wake windows?”

“They’re so noisy. Is something wrong?”

“Will we ever sleep again?”

0 - 3 Months


- morgan l.

We are currently working with her and our 8 week old baby. She takes the time to learn about you and your baby and comes up with a specific plan based on your needs and wants. She is quick in responding to messages with help or reassurance. Definitely recommend her.

Strongly recommend Carly and her company The Goodnight Guide. 

naomi c.

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You must work with her!

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What You'll Learn About

Soothing Techniques

omptimizing feedings for better sleep

how to extend night sleep

establishing predictable routines

ideal sleep environment

positive and negative sleep associations

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