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Hiring a Sleep Consultant: FAQ – Dad Edition

Often I speak with exhausted moms thinking seriously about hiring a sleep consultant to help their child finally sleep

And then I hear this…

“I’m so excited to start! Let me just talk it over with my husband.”

Many times, I never hear from them again but sometimes I do, and they let me know that their husband has some questions.

Look, I get it. My husband is… averse… to spending money on things he thinks he can do himself. Oftentimes, he’s right! But once in a while (like the time he almost started an electrical fire), we should have just hired a professional.

So, I’ve compiled the top 3 questions I hear from dads when approached about hiring a sleep consultant and my responses.

#1 Why does it cost so much?

My response: Again, I understand that this isn’t a small amount of money to spend for most people. But also, you get what you pay for. If you think about how much sleep (or lack thereof) impacts your quality of life, then honestly it’s a small price to pay.

Additionally, what you receive when you work with me is my individualized attention and real-time, daily support through the process. I don’t throw a cookie-cutter plan at you and bid you good luck. You get my full attention throughout the process. Read more about the process of working together here.

If that doesn’t quite drive it home, consider this…

What would you pay for a full night of sleep? For your wife to get a full night’s sleep?

Multiply that by… well, math isn’t my strong suit, but you get the idea. Many, many, many… nights of sleep. It’s A LOT.

{Cue the eye roll and exasperated sigh from dad.}

#2 Are there any guarantees that it will work?

The answer to this one also tends to annoy husbands…

My response: Sort of yes, sort of no.

I guarantee that…

If you follow my suggestions, communicate openly and regularly, and are consistent with the plan, then you will see the results you desire.

If you cherry-pick the plan, try something for one night and give up, or are unresponsive to my emails, then this isn’t going to work.

After all, I’m not a magician (though many have asked me if I am after their baby starts sleeping after one night of working together.) Not a flex, just the truth.

Basically, as is with anything worth changing, you get out of it what you put into it.

#3 Who is this person/what makes her qualified?

Or.. can’t we just read (blank) book, or figure it out for ourselves (consult Google).

My response: Yes, yes you can. How’s that going?

This is not meant to sound snarky. I too consult Google first for every weird thing my child does.

The truth is it’s really hard to sift through all of the conflicting information and come up with a plan that works…while also being sleep deprived may I point out.

I also have what Google does not; critical thinking ability and data that I’ve gathered on your unique baby.

… not to mention certification in pediatric sleep consulting, two tiny humans of my own, and a graduate degree in school psychology.

Bonus Question # 4: Does she have good reviews?

Now I admit, this is just me imagining what they might say… but I did ask my husband and he confirmed that reviews matter to him.

My response: Yes, yes she does. Read them here.

Rest well,


P.S. Show this to your skeptical husband and if he has any questions about hiring a sleep consultant that isn’t on the list, I’d love to schedule a free call to chat.


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