Sleep truly is one of the most challenging issues to navigate as a parent. And the topic can be so confusing and polarizing... 

The pediatrician says to let them cry it out. On the other end of the spectrum are promises of no-tears sleep training. 

My approach to sleep is neither one of those things. 

Independent sleep skills are based on so much more than how we respond at night. Your child is unique and so are their sleep needs. 

That's why I take a holistic approach to sleep training. We take into consideration your child's developmental ability, temperament, nutrition, preferences, and more to develop a customized plan that makes sense for your family. 

And I don't stop there. I'll be by your side every step of the way providing real-time feedback and support. 

Ever wish there was a magic formula to help your child sleep?  

My name is Carly. I'm a wife and mom to two tiny humans who both happily sleep 11-12 hours a night in their own beds. And it's my passion to help you achieve the same.

It didn't start out this way. When my first child was born, I was exhausted and had no clue how to get the rest we both so desperately needed. When my daughter was born, I knew I needed to be proactive in how I approached her sleep. I invested in a newborn course and the difference was incredible. 

Sleep is not a luxury. It's a basic human need. I've made it my mission to help parents navigate their child's sleep so that they can stress less about sleep and enjoy parenthood more. 

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our goal is for every parent to move forward with the skills and knowledge they need to feel confident


you know your child best and we will always respect your intuition and boundaries.


being open and honest throughout the process


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- tori c.

She now lays down and goes to sleep on her own (with NO CRYING!) At the end of the first week, my husband even mentioned how much sweeter and more interactive my daughter was. Carly was an absolute lifesaver (or sleep saver!) ” 

My daughter now LOVES her crib

naomi c.

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